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FAQs - Practice assessments

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Are on-screen practice assessments available on the EDI website?

The on-screen Reading and Writing and Mathematics practice assessments are now available on the EDI website.

Can more than one assessment be taken in the same day?

Yes; for example learners may wish to take English, Reading and Writing assessments in the same day.

Do practice assessments give the results at the end of the assessment?

Learners will not receive results at the end of the on-screen practice assessments. The practice assessments should be used to allow learners to become familiar with the layout and functionality of the on-screen assessments.

Is it possible to print from the practice assessment?

No, the practice assessment is a locked environment.

What do I do if I have a learner who has particular assessment requirements (PAR)?

Please refer to EDI’s Guidance notes for centres on reasonable adjustments for candidates with particular assessment requirements.


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